Here are the latest details on the contract extension between TNA and Spike TV:

* The extension is for two years, and will keep TNA on the network until the fall of 2014.

* Many people within the company were relived that the deal was signed.

* One point going for TNA is that with the Ultimate Fighter leaving Spike, and taking their 1.2 million viewers with them, that TNA brings in close to 1.7 million on some weeks and much of that audience is the coveted Males 18-34, which is a base any cable network would want. The goal of both sides is to get the audience up to 2 million viewers.

* The deal is for IMPACT Wrestling, and not additional programming. Spike would be interested in hearing about additional programming from TNA, such as a discussed reality series that TNA had reportedly been working on, titled Soccer Moms. The last contract between TNA and Spike gave Spike the right of first refusal for new TV projects. While not confirmed, it is likely that the clause remained in the new deal.

* There was no talk of live TNA specials for the network during negotiations, but that is always a possibility.

* Finally, contract language does not include holding more Impacts "on the road" as part of the deal, but according to sources, the plan is to do more of them this year.