Here is more on the TNA lawsuit against Scott Steiner.

* For Scott Steiner's appearances, TNA paid him $2000 for events, $2500 for PPV, plus royalties to be paid 90 days later.

* TNA claims that Steiner violated the terms of that contract and is currently in breach for his online postings against the company. The company claimed that they contacted Steiner on May 10th of this year, asking him to cease the behavior but, "Steiner, however, has ignored TNA's demands and has continued to breach the agreement."

* TNA has also asked that they be allowed to recover their damages as well as court and attorney's fees. They further claim that the breach has caused the company "irreparable harm, which cannot be adequately measured by monetary relief."

* TNA is also seeking a temporary and permanent injunction from the court to prevent Steiner from continuing to speak out against them.

* Steiner has not responded to the court at this time.