UPDATE: As noted earlier here on the website (see below), the filming for WWE Tough Enough has been delayed. Filming for the show was originally set to begin this past week.

According to sources, the second season of WWE Legends House is now up in the air as well. If they even do a second season, it will be delayed. There are people close to the filming of season one who are under the impression that there won't even be a second season due to the ongoing budget cuts.

The original plan before the budget cuts was to begin filming WWE Tough Enough this past week and then WWE Legends House right after that.

ORIGINAL: The new season of WWE Tough Enough, which was scheduled to air on the WWE Network, was to begin filming this weekend at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando. According to reports, the filming has since been pushed back until October. The delay of Tough Enough production is said to be part of WWE's recent budget cuts.

As noted recently, Vince McMahon ordered tens of millions of dollars in budget cuts across all of WWE's departments. There are no departments that are safe from the ongoing cuts and there are a ton of employees who are worried about receiving their pink slips. This includes talent from the developmental and main rosters, people who work in the office at Titan Towers, people who work in production, sales/WWE.com staff, and even the 18-wheeler truck drivers. It has since been revealed that approximately $20 million is the figure that is expected to be sliced from the budget.