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Bo Dallas
Taylor Michael Rotunda
  • Birthdate: 05/25/1990 (age 26)
  • Height: 6'1"
  • Weight: 234 Ib

Taylor Rotunda debuted with WWE in 2008, he was...

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-- In an interview with TBO.com, Bo Dallas had the following to say about his brother Windham Rotunda, better known to WWE fans as Bray Wyatt. He said: "I'm very happy for my brother. He's doing very well for himself. He's developed this character and actually became him. It's a crazy process watching."

-- UPDATE x2: As of 1:41 PM ET, the stock is down a total of $5.53 (19.74%), rebounding slightly from the last report.

UPDATE: As of noon ET, the WWE stock is down a total of $5.72 (20.41%).

ORIGINAL Earlier today, WWE announced that they currently have 667,287 subscribers for the WWE Network after 42 days of operation. They also stated that the Network was well on its way to reaching its goal of 1 million subscribers by the end of 2014.

This announcement has not impressed Wall Street. So far for today (10:25 AM ET), WWE's stock is down over 14% ($4.04) to $23.99.