James Thompson recently spoke with fullmount.co.uk about facing Bobby Lashley at Super Fight League 3 in Inida. Here are the highlights…

On Facing Lashley: You're right, Lashley is a bigger test, but that's what I need. As for his wrestling, I think he matches up very well with me because I have good take down defense. How good? I guess we'll see on May 6th.

On Lashley's Issues With Cardio: I think he's in a difficult situation because if he loses too much weight, he won't have as much drive and explosiveness. But on the other hand, if he puts on too much weight, he is likely to gas more. So it's a tricky situation for him.

On Lashley's Skills: I'm sure he has improved. As you mentioned earlier, he has a strong wrestling base, which is always useful. Plus he's training with some decent level MMA guys, so I'm sure he's getting better.