TNA president Dixie Carter revealed in a new tweet posted on her official Twitter account on Monday the postponement of the scheduled main event for the Hardcore Justice edition of iMPACT! Wrestling on Spike TV this Thursday.

Originally scheduled was a five-on-five main event, featuring five members of the Main Event Mafia challenging five members of the Aces & 8′s. The stipulation was whoever took the pinfall in the match would be forced to leave TNA for good.

Due to the fact that Kurt Angle is unavailable for the match because of rehab, Carter noted that it has been postponed until the August 22nd edition of iMPACT! Wrestling. That is a show that is being taped this Thursday along with the live iMPACT! so they're still going to have to remove Angle from the match. Hmmm.

Dixie’s official tweet read:

“After meeting with @HulkHogan, due to circumstances beyond our control – @TheAcesAnd8s vs. Mafia 5 on 5 match is delayed until 8/22 iMPACT!.”