As noted earlier here on the website, there was a major backstage shakeup at RAW on Monday afternoon. In what was described by one source as a "scary scene", Vince McMahon told the entire creative team that he wanted to see changes and that nobody's job is safe if he didn't see some.

Bryan Gewirtz, who has been the head RAW writer for over a decade now, was dropped from the creative team and immediately sent home from RAW. It is believed that WWE cannot release him without paying a penalty, which is why he is remaining on the payroll. For those unaware, Dave Kapoor would write the show alongside other creative team members and then everything went through Gewirtz, followed by Stephanie and Vince McMahon,

Gewirtz' official position was Senior Vice President of Creative Writing. According to sources,. Gewirtz is still with the company as a "consultant". Gewirtz being sent home was described as shocking and something that no one saw coming. Several people feel he "fell on the sword" to show everyone else they can be replaced.

The backstage meeting at RAW comes one week after a fifteen year low RAW rating came in. Since expanding to three hours, the RAW ratings have slipped considerably, especially in the third and most important hour.

We noted last week that Vince was visibly "pissed off" prior to RAW going on the air last week. According to source, his mood "lightened" as the evening went on. The backstage word is that NBC has been putting pressure on WWE and Vince McMahon to get the ratings back up to where they used to be.

More on this major breaking story as we get it.