Mick Foley
Michael Francis Foley
  • Birthdate: 06/07/1965 (age 49)
  • Height: 6'2"
  • Weight: 287 Ib

Mick Foley has worked for many wrestling promot...

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-- On Friday night, Bret Hart judged a "Catch-23" inprov show at the Comedy Bar in Toronto. Hart spoke about the appearance, stating the following… "I always thought I had a decent sense of humor. You get a lot of people saying my book was kind of sad, and you can't change how your life goes, but I thought there was some great humor in there that no one else could deliver unless you lived my life. Broken down in the middle of the highway, you'd always find something to laugh at." You can check a recap of Hart's appearance at http://torontoist.com/2012/03/pro-wrestler-bret-hart-does-improv/

-- Mick Foley is being advertised for the RAW in Washington D.C. on April 9th, which is the RAW one week after WrestleMania 28. No word on what Foley will be doing, but there had been talk that he will make several appearances after WrestleMania, with the possibility of him being involved in an angle.

-- Joey Styles posted the following on Twitter, regarding announcing with Jim Ross"@AZWHawaii: WWE has great announcers in @jrsbbq &@joeystyles yet neither is on TV!" We are working on ideas to finally announce together.