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Hulk Hogan
Terry Gene Bollea
  • Birthdate: 08/11/1953 (age 63)
  • Height: 6'7"
  • Weight: 302 Ib

Hogan enjoyed mainstream popularity in the 1980...

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Credit: Mike Johnson and Pwinsider.com

Radio show host Bubba the Love Sponge appeared this morning on The Howard Stern show on Sirius/XM Radio. The conversation was also simulcast on Bubba's radio show in Florida. I am currently listening to the interview. The appearance started with a song Bubba playing that ripped on Hogan for suing him.

Stern opened up by saying that Bubba used to tell him that Stern and Hogan were the only people he'd let sleep with his wife. Bubba said he always said that in jest because he knew Stern wouldn't do it. He said it all started at his wedding when the preacher "fretted" over his then-wife Heather and they would make jokes and parodies about it. Stern said that she was a beautiful woman.

Stern said "man to man", he couldn't believe Bubba wanted to share his wife with another man. Bubba said, "You're probably right about that." Stern asked what went on with himself to allow that. He said that Bubba's scene seemed "pretty dark." Bubba said he's more conservative than people would think and was in a "different spot" in his life at that point. He said that he couldn't go into what "spot" he was in. He admitted he was insecure and depressed. Bubba said at the time, Hogan's marriage was crumbling and he was depressed too. Bubba said, "None of it makes sense, Howard. None of it makes sense."

Stern said that it wasn't a secret and they were all in on it. Bubba agreed to that. Stern asked him what it was like knowing Hogan was sleeping with his wife and then walking out and saying, "OK man, see you later." Bubba admitted some anger and jealousy. He said the situation was deep and "unexplainable." Bubba said "It's not right in any capacity and I'm not proud of it."

Stern asked Bubba if he and Hogan ever discussed the situation. Bubba never really answered that but admitted it was both "weird and business as usual" when he would see Hogan afterward. Bubba said he didn't want to go too deeply into that conversation.

Stern noted that in the song Bubba played, Hogan was called a "scumbag" for suing Bubba and his ex-wife. Bubba said the reason he's so mad is because they were friends. He said that all parties knew everything.

Stern asked if Hogan knew about the tape. Bubba responded, "All parties knew about everything."

Bubba said when he was going through child custody issues, his attorneys advised him to "camera up" his home so there could be no allegations that he did anything to his kid that he couldn't disprove. Stern compared it to Richard Nixon, saying he made the "classic mistake" like Nixon, who "taped everything he did and that's what did him in." Bubba said that unlike Nixon, there are "no holes" in his tapes.

Bubba said Hogan lived with him for three months. He said that for 15 years, he's been Hogan's "insurance policy to cover his ass for everything" and that's why he's angry.

Bubba then made is personal, bringing up the Nick Hogan arrest and jail sentence. He said that when Nick Hogan did what he did and the "media was going insane" because a "marine is a vegetable for life." He said that when Hogan spoke to Nick in jail, he didn't say "we just have to get through this", he blamed John Graziano for the accident and began playing clips from the jailhouse conversations.

Stern cut Bubba off and noted that he was "right there" through all of that with Hogan. Robin Quivers commented that Bubba "can't change [his] mind now." Bubba said he can change his mind when he took care of his friend when it wasn't a popular stance. He said he looked like a dumb-ass for defending Hogan and taking it "soft" on him when his son acted like a "dumb-ass and didn't learn his lesson".

Bubba continued, noting that now "when we are in the trenches for something this bad", they could have talked about it but instead he named Bubba in a $100 million lawsuit. He said "no one held a gun to [Hogan's] head" and the real problem is who leaked the tape. He said that's the problem.

Stern said that Hogan thinks Bubba leaked the tape. Bubba said that he didn't and doesn't know who did. He said that he wishes he could help Hogan and Hogan could help him. He was asked who has access to those tapes and said he didn't know. Bubba said he's never seen the tape. Stern asked where the tapes were held. He said that he wasn't going to go into the particulars,...