-- There are still rumors about Charlie Sheen possibly being involved with WWE's SummerSlam pay-per-view this Sunday night. Although nothing is confirmed at this point, there were several references to "Anger Management" on RAW this week. For those unaware, "Anger Management" is the name of Charlie Sheen's new comedy show on FX. WWE would clearly get a ton of media with Sheen appearing at the event. It's interesting to note though that WWE hasn't been advertising an appearance by Sheen in advance. That would be the smart move if they knew for sure that he'd be appearing. There is also currently no World Heavyweight title match set and we're just six days away from the big event. We'll keep you posted as we hear more.

-- JCW sent out the following today…

JCW LIVE! Wednesday August 8th at Midnight at The Gathering Of The Juggalos

1. Terex defeated Manimal

2. Colt Cabana beat U-Gene

3. Triple Threat Match: Kongo Kong crushed Shockwave & The Weedman

4. Necro Butcher destroyed Chuey Martinez

5. Vampiro & 2 Tuff Tony beat Bryer Wellington & Sir Roderick Streets

6. Madman Pondo pinned Mosh Pit Mike

7. JCW Tag Team Titles Match: Ring Rydas defeated The Headbangers to retain the titles!

8. 20 Man Battle Royal, winner gets a shot at 2 Tuff Tony's JCW Heavyweight title on Friday Night at Oddball wrestling, with Tony Picking the stip. Battle Royal was won by Jamie Dundee and after the match Tony informed him it would be a Jack Daniels Drunken Deathmatch

-- Dolph Ziggler posted the following Tout for Chris Jericho