During his new podcast, Chris Jericho spoke with Steve Austin about the importance of tag team wrestling. Here is the back and forth they had…

Chris Jericho: "They had Eddie Guerrero and I tag for awhile in WCW, but then they cut it off for no apparent reason, when I thought we could have been one of the biggest things in the company.

Steve Austin: "It doesn't make sense. There wasn't any lack of depth in the singles division, and we got over. A lot of people call the Hollywood Blondes one of the greatest tag teams of all time – I don't consider us that, but there are some people that consider us on that list. Had we stayed together two or three more years, we could definitely be on that list, but we didn't have enough matches underneath us. Tag team wrestling no longer exists. There are certain guys that are just designed to be tag team wrestlers, and that's when they're at their bests. Take for instance, the Midnight Express, the Rock'n'Roll Express, the Road Warriors and Killer Bees … It's O.K. for a team to last 10 or 15 years; that's awesome, because that's when you really get good tag team wrestling."

Jericho: "I think Vince's attitude was that he could just take two guys and put them together, and it's the same thing. But it's not. There's certain psychology. A lot of times, even though one stands out more than the other – Bret Hart, out of the Hart Foundation, or Shawn from the Rockers - but Marty and Jim were never bigger than when he was a part of that tag team."