Christopher Daniels recently spoke about rumors of TNA's doom and more. Here are the highlights…

>b>On Rumors of TNA's Doom: "We're definitely not going to be done by December, for goodness sake. I think we're going through some growing pains. We're still trying to find our legs with being on the road. I don't think there is trouble in the sense of imminent doom."

>b>On TNA Being an Alternative: "The way the wrestling world works right now is to focus on what's happening at WWE," Daniels said. "If people are upset with that, they can watch TNA because we're a big alternative. We have some of the most talented wrestlers in the world. If you're a real wrestling fan, you can't help but appreciate that sort of effort when you're putting out a wrestling product."

>b>On Vince Russo Saying He Couldn't Get Over: "There was a time when he was pushing really hard for me to do something with Sting, and then somewhere along the way it fell apart and I never got a firm answer on why. In the past couple months, I guess in some interviews that Vince has done, he said that I cared more about wrestling good matches than having a character. I guess that was his reasoning for why I never got over in his eyes. I look at what I'm doing now and he isn't there, so you tell me, was he right or was I right?"