Christopher Daniels
Daniel Christopher Covell
  • Birthdate: 03/24/1970 (age 45)
  • Height: 6'0"
  • Weight: 224 Ib

He is best known by his ring name Christopher D...

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Source: Larry Csona

Here is a recap of a TNA conference call earlier today featuring Christopher Daniels:

* The call started at 2:03 PM ET.

* We are welcomed to the call, which is to promote Sunday's Turning Point PPV. They run down the current PPV card, as well of a brief preview of tomorrow's Impact Wrestling.

* Daniels is asked about reinventing himself with Kaz, and he says he is thrilled with what they have done. They have been friends for so long, he knew it would be a success. He feels that they are the best tag team in the business, right now.

* When asked about the importance of tag team wrestling, he says it all depends on the talent involved. He says that there have been times in TNA where they had great teams, and it thrived, as he notes Beer Money and the Machine Guns specifically. He and Kaz are concentrated on being the best, and the more success they have, the more TNA will focus on tag teams.

* Daniels discuses his relationship with Kaz, meeting back in So Cal. He met Kaz there, they did shows, but it was when TNA took off when they were always booked, and had a bond as they traveled together. On their work together, Daniels says that they are being themselves, being sarcastic and such. They simply play off each other well, and they are collaborating with creative very well at this time.

* Daniels and Kaz are compared to Edge and Christian back in the day, and then asked about having freedom since they aren't in the Aces and 8s angle. Daniels says that the angle is big, but is focused on the faces, which they are not. He and Kaz are building chemistry daily, and now people pay attention to them as they do their own thing.

* As far as future tag team opponents, Daniels says the division will grow once there is one dominant tag team, and they plan to win the titles Sunday. He says they have an open challenge to anyone to take them on. They want to be like AMW, Beer Money and the other dominant TNA teams. He says teams will line up to be beaten by them.

* Daniels is asked about winning the world title before his career is over, and he says he would love that, but it is all about opportunity. He feels the work he is doing is great, and he is closer than ever to winning a title. He cites Mark Henry who had a long career, and then got hot and won the title and succeeded. If it doesn't happen, he knows he had a great career.

* On his TNA career, he is asked about being a locker room leader, and he says he feels like people can come and talk to him and he has always been approachable to anyone that has asked. But his goal is to make the product better, and even he is still earning at this stage of his career.

* Daniels is asked about the comedy that he and Kaz sometimes do, and he says that all the stuff they do is their ideas, like the scarf and appletinis. He has been lucky that they have gotten over with the crowds. Of note he doesn't believe in drinking and wrestling.

* When asked about coming to Australia, he hopes to return soon and hopes TNA can tour there soon as well.

* On the Claire Lynch angle, it was a gamble to bring a non-wrestler in for the angle. But he feels they went outside the box, but it sort of bit them due to the character actor leaving as she did. He adds that they could have prepared her better, but the angle was to make AJ more virtuous, and he and Kaz more evil, and he feels they did that. It could have been better for sure, but they accomplished good things.

* He adds that he and Kaz are having the times of their lives right now, and feels that it comes out on TV.

* On working various tag teams with AJ, XXX and others, he feels that he and AJ could have been the team, but that wasn't TNA's plan. But now, TNA sees the potential with he and Kaz, and feels that the company is behind them. When asked about Chavo and Hernandez, he says they are good and puts them over, but he and Kaz have the better chemistry due to their relationship. He says Chavo is a ring general, and that Hernandez has always been best in a tag team setting. But...