Clarification & Retraction Over A Recent Roddy Piper Story


Tuesday, here on the website, we posted a rumor on Roddy Piper and WWE Diva Kaitlyn. The story noted that there may have been an incident backstage at the 1,000th RAW event, where Kaitlyn was allegedly upset by some suggestive comments Mr. Piper may have made to her.

Many of you have likely caught wind by now of Mr. Piper’s continuous tweets, blasting myself and our website for the article. Mr. Piper has also claimed the story accused him of “sexual harassment” and claims I’ve made fun of people in “wheel chairs”. These claims are completely unfounded, and outright untrue.

In an update to our story, we were contacted by a source who worked for an independent contractor who was backstage at RAW this past Monday evening. For those unaware, WWE hires independent contractors from local cities to unload WWE’s trucks and help with the setting up of television sets and other production-related matters. The person who contacted us had provided some information that coincided with what we had been reporting (i.e. – WWE Legends backstage, portions of the creative script, etc). There was information given to us that 100 percent proved he was backstage at RAW on Monday. One of the pieces of information we received from the aforementioned source was a report that Roddy Piper was spotted talking with numerous WWE Divas, and in specific, “Kaitlyn angrily walked away from Piper after the two were speaking.” When questioned further, this person told us it appeared Kaitlyn was upset by something Mr. Piper had said to her during their conversation.

With that being said, we reported a story that purposely stated numerous times this was a rumor and could not be verified by the time the article went to print. The article only stated that there may have been an incident at RAW involving the Legend and WWE Diva. The report stated “the wrestling legend made some suggestive remarks toward Kaitlyn that made her uncomfortable.” Again, we went out of our way to point out that this was, in fact, merely a rumor. Had it been fact, and something a trusted source of ours had passed along to us, that would have also been made clear in the publication. The fact that it wasn’t prompted the specific usage of the word “rumor” and could not have been more clear by anyone who actually read the story.

The following day, Mr. Piper was made aware of the report and posted numerous tweets on his official Twitter account denying the specifics from within our article. We followed up, as we always do, and posted said-tweets from Mr. Piper here on our website. We wanted to get his side of the story out as well, as to be fair and allow all sides of the story to be viewed equally, from all perspectives involved. WWE Diva Kaitlyn responded to Piper later that night and it once again appeared that she was not upset by any events that may have occurred. We also posted Kaitlyn’s tweets here on the website. Again, all sides of the story were given the same amount of attention and promotion here on our website. There were absolutely no biases, slants or favoritism used to any one particular angle or side of the story.

When both talents involved in the story denied our report, we immediately pulled the article.

As far as Mr. Piper’s tweets are concerned, he’s being fed a substantial amount of inaccurate information regarding myself, the story and our website as a whole by certain fans of his. I have never bashed a handicap person or “someone in a wheelchair.” The article also never referred to Mr. Piper “sexually harassing” the WWE Diva, or anyone else. We would never report something of that nature without having it 100% confirmed, and as stated, this was a rumor, so it was carefully worded as to not slander any parties involved.

Apparently the alleged rumor was discovered to be untrue. At least according to the parties involved themselves. In that case, given the fact it was a rumor and not a piece of information confirmed to us by a reliable/regular source, the right thing to do is to remove the story and immediately issue a retraction. That is what we always do and is what we have done here as well. I’ve reached out to Mr. Piper numerous times over the past 24 hours to attempt to clear the air. Thus far I have remained unsuccessful in my attempts to reach him. I’ll make another plea here. My email is [email protected]. He can also send a DM to me via Twitter. There are a number of ways to get into contact with me. I’m not “hiding,” despite claims to the contrary. As you can tell by the interactive nature of this website, regardless of Mr. Piper’s internet-based accessibility, there are numerous ways he can reach me directly at his complete and total convenience. I believe the correct way to resolve such an issue is in a direct, man-to-man fashion and not through a social media platform where people can, and already have, acted unprofessional and inappropriate, to say the least.

On behalf of everyone here on the website, I want to sincerely apologize to both Roddy Piper and Kaitlyn. We’ve had Mr. Piper on our WZR Radio show numerous times in the past (years ago) to promote his book, his acting roles, among many other appearances Mr. Piper was looking to publicise. We’ve openly stated many times that he has always been a very entertaining and polite guest. Frankly, we’ve mentioned specifically that Mr. Piper is perhaps one of our favorite and most entertaining guests of all-time. All of our radio shows are archived and dated, so you can listen for yourself. Why do we point this out? To prove we have no agenda against Mr. Piper. We have no agenda against anyone in the business. Everything we do is above boards. Again – nothing to hide.

It’s quite simple. A source fed us a piece of information. We reported it. We made sure to point out that it was in fact not 100 percent substantiated, and that it was merely a rumor we were passing along. Once both parties denied it and a reliable source was unable to confirm it, the story was pulled and a retraction was put in its’ place. We followed the same business practice we have always adhered to on the website, and no special treatment, positive or negative, was involved in this situation.

In closing, we will apologize one more time and ask that Mr. Piper contact us directly at his convenience.

Thank you as always for your continued support of

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