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CM Punk
Phillip Jack Brooks
  • Birthdate: 10/26/1978 (age 36)
  • Height: 6'2"
  • Weight: 218 Ib

He was titled in the WWE as "the longest-reigni...

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Credit: Mike Johnson

WWE champion CM Punk took part in a Q&A Session on 9/29 over the weekend at Wizardworld Ohio.

Punk was asked how far ahead WWE has their current storylines and whether he was going to be facing The Rock. Punk said, "Trust me when I tell you, they have no idea what they are doing" and joked that once it made it online, he would be told he shouldn't say that.

Punk was asked about the championship look changing. Punk said, "I love no idea....they are working on it....I give up." He said that he would like to believe he has some say but doesn't know. He suggested they were saving the new design for someone else and joked, "they are sick of me asking about it."

Punk was asked what changes he would make if he had complete control over WWE. Punk said that he's been giving a ton of input on things behind the scenes and some of the people who have been hired. He said he doesn't want to take credit but likes people who work hard. He noted they hired Sara Del Rey to train the Divas. Some people say she should be on TV and "maybe they are right" but he's talked to her and it's her dream job as she gets to wrestle every day. He said that the Divas division is wide open for the next generation with Beth Phoenix leaving and Kelly Kelly gone.

Punk talked about some of the next generation talents he likes, naming Chris Hero/Kassius Ohno, Dean Ambrose, Tyler Black/Seth Rollins and Antonio Cesaro. He said that he's there for them. Punk said he wasn't afforded certain opportunities because of what people thought of him and if he hears people's opinions based on hearsay, he's the one that's going to tell them to shut up and let these talents do their thing because "we will all be better off because of it in a few years."

A fan who said Punk not working the main events made him angry and asked Punk his thoughts. Punk said that's one of the things that need to change. He said that there are only two men on the full-time roster who know what it's like working the main event of Wrestlemania - John Cena and Randy Orton. He said Cena went down to injury and "God forbid" Punk gets hurt too. He said that they have their backs against a wall. "We have to put someone else in that spot. We have to take changes at this point. John...great champion and spokesperson in the company. I don't see him in the same light as other people do. I don't see him as the know all and end all. You put all your eggs in one basket and you drop the basket, you have no eggs. It's cool to me and it drives me. I do so much better when I'm angry. I think that's pretty clear if you watch me on television. The stuff with Foley last week, I was pissed off. It was a bad day for me. You have to put someone else in the main event spot, just for perception. I work my ass off and I'm in the main event of every other show, except for PPVs. It gets frustrating but it also drives me, if that makes any sense."

Punk was asked what was the one thing he wanted to accomplish in wrestling. A fan said "End the streak." Punk said it doesn't interest him. He likes to be in situations where there is drama and you don't know who's going to win. "There needs to be some drama and stuff." He said he wants to wrestle the main event of Wrestlemania. "That's all that is left. That's why I have been so adamanent and vocal about helping the next generation. I don't know that I will get the chance to main event a Wrestlemania. It should have been me instead of the Miz. It should have been me last year. It should be me next year. So, I want to help the next generation so they have a better shot at the main event of Wrestlemania. Maybe that's why they won't let me do it - once I do it, that's it. I'm done."

Punk was asked when the Pepsi Plunge was returning. The fan asking said that Triple H has stopped him from doing it. Punk said that this is what happens when fans make things up. Punk said that no one has ever told him that he can't do it. They've never told him he can't do anything, "except the one time they told me I couldn't use the Anaconda Vise anymore and...