Credit: SLAM! Wrestling

CM Punk recently spoke about his DVD, wrestling Ryback and much more. Here are the highlights…

On Any Regrets on His DVD: "The only thing I wish I could have, I don't know if done differently is the word ... the only thing missing from my DVD is a sit-down interview with Samoa Joe. That obviously couldn't happen because he works for a different company."

On Facing Ryback: "Most of his matches he's had have been like, what, a couple of minutes. I'm a marathon runner. We're going to get him on his bike to see if he can survive."

On Writing the Intro for Marvel Comics' Avengers vs. X-Men: "It was cool. Comic books and pro wrestling -- and music, I guess -- have always been the things I've been into. So obviously to do the pro wrestling thing, it's been my career, and now to write for Marvel Comics, though it was just an intro ... But we're working on other stuff, future projects. It's pretty cool. A dream come true."

On Being a Trailblazer For Independent Wrestlers: "I don't think I can take sole credit for that but if certain guys get looked at, based on what I've done in my career, then that's awesome. I'm proud of that."