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CM Punk
Phillip Jack Brooks
  • Birthdate: 10/26/1978 (age 38)
  • Height: 6'2"
  • Weight: 218 Ib

He was titled in the WWE as "the longest-reigni...

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-- Grantland.com has an article up previewing WrestleMania 28 and making comparisons to WrestleMania 3. They link WrestleMania 3's huge dome setting to WWE's big stadium setting, WrestleMania 3's Andre vs. Hogan to Rock vs. Cena & Hunter vs. Taker, as well as WrestleMania 3's Steamboat vs. Savage to Punk vs. Jericho.

-- In the latest dual diary on WWE.com, CM Punk takes some shots at DDP and Chris Jericho for doing DDP's Yoga, and also a shot on Jericho's band. Here is what Punk had to say…

"[Chris] does DDP Yoga and that's not even real yoga. This isn't a front on Diamond Dallas Page – nice guy and all that, but whatever. Jericho's [not here because] got a voice coach so he can sing in his rotten band."

-- NOTE: WZR Radio will be LIVE this Saturday night at 6EST. We are doing a pre-WrestleMania show where we will be giving our WrestleMania 28 predictions and taking your live phone calls. We'll also be revealing some major WrestleMania news & **SPOILERS** that aren't being reported on the website. You'll hear it first on WZR Radio! We hope to see all of you this Saturday night at 6EST! We'll post the live links here on the website around 5EST. Thanks for your continued support and we'll see you Saturday night!