-- We noted on Monday that WWE was heavily promoting its redesigned WWE app, particularly the "second screen experience". World TV PC covered the app in an article that looked at second screen offerings from big entertainment brands. There is a quote from WWE executive Perkins Miller on WWE wanting to be the leader in App/mobile content side by side with TV shows. He said: "No one else out there is executing an interactive experience at this level and we're proud to be at the forefront of innovation. WWE is committed to enhancing the fan experience and we're excited to unveil a revolutionary second screen experience with WWE Active."

In an update on this and just to prove that WWE is going all out with promoting the new app, the company announced prior to this week's RAW that the 2012 Slammy Awards will air live on next week's show at 8/7 CT on USA Network. The fans will determine the winner of each "Slammy" and the only way to vote is to download the new WWE App and WWE's second screen experience, “WWE Active.” That clearly means they want millions of people to sign up and is a very smart move to get subscribers. It sucks for those of you without smart phones but your votes don't matter anyways! All the WWE polls are rigged!

-- Cody Rhodes made his return to WWE on Monday night RAW this week. Rhodes took part in an elimination-style tag-team match featuring The Prime Time Players (Young and O'Neil) vs. The Usos (Jimmy and Jey) vs. The Rhodes Scholars (Sandow and Rhodes) vs. Epico and Primo. The Rhodes Scholars won the match in about 11:00 minutes after Cody Rhodes hit the "Cross Rhodes". During the match, there was actually a "Cody's Mustache" chant that broke out. Last week, Cody posted a new picture on Twitter where he was sporting a mustache.

When asked about his recent injury and return, he stated the following: "Well, honestly, the best way I've heard the injury described, is that I dodged a bullet. The trap tear is a grade two (on a scale of one to three), but I don't need surgery — the tears will heal themselves over time with proper physical therapy. The separated shoulder is an old injury from amateur wrestling, and it's basically the area that could have been considerably worse. I could have landed on my neck, but I turned just in time to land on my shoulder. The separated shoulder is where the most pain is and it's the AC joint, but like I said, I dodged a bullet — no surgery. I thought I broke my arm, and I was in a very bad position in the ring. You know, ring awareness is something I've always been fond of — having ring awareness, having mat awareness. Always knowing where I am at all times. Especially in a tag team situation, knowing if I'm on my side of the ring. I wasn't. I was in enemy territory and Daniel Bryan had me wide open." Actually, everything after Kane dropped me, I don't remember. I remember hitting the mat one more time, and then I thought that I immediately tagged out, but watching back, there's a whole period of a minute, a minute-and-a-half, where I faked out Daniel Bryan, who missed a headbutt and I just laid there. I didn't know that — I thought I was much more cognizant than I was, but watching back I didn't know that I was on the apron, I didn't know that the doctor was tugging at my boots. I am a quick healer and I can fight through pain, but I will not rush my return to the ring. There is no hard timeline for my return."