Credit: The Baltimore Sun

Colt Cabana recently spoke about Jim Cornette not liking him and more. Here are the highlights…

$5 Wrestling: "A bit of it is celebrating professional wrestling, and a bit of it is a parody of professional wrestling. I like to say, if you love "Star Wars" and you say that "Spaceballs" ruins it for everyone then that's being single-minded. We're the "Spaceballs" to the WWE's "Star Wars" if you will. $5 Wrestling is something that started with Highspots with Jake Manning. There was a lot of these wrestlers who were shunned from wrestling, they weren't allowed to be on these shows. All they wanted was to wrestle and perform in front of people and have people know who they were. They wanted to live out their dream. And you take myself and standup comedian Marty DeRosa, we do commentary over their matches. Now, I've been on shows where Freight Train sells more autographs and pictures than some of the old WWF guys. I think that's a testament to people wanting something different and wanting a variety and also that humor does sell and funny equals money. That's what it is. We do the commentary over these guys' wrestling matches. And now these guys have become legitimate stars and people really enjoy them. I can't tell you how many times I've done a show and people have asked me when Raider Rock was going to come on or that they wanted to see Dynomite. Or sometimes they just tell me how much they love Freight Train or Big Donnie or Little Donnie. I'm happy that I was able to be in a process to help make some new starts."

Jim Cornette not liking Cabana: "I think he is entitled to his opinion. You can't fault people for having an opinion. Luckily for me, I've never been put in a position to hire and fire people, and he was in that position and he can't hire everybody. I'm one of the people that Jim Cornette didn't want. Obviously the people that he didn't want aren't going to be happy about it. That's life. I could hold a grudge, but I don't. I understand that you have to hire and you have to fire and the ones that you fire aren't going to be happy. It's about going on and moving on. Luckily, I've done way bigger and better things since leaving Ring of Honor. Maybe it was a mistake by them for letting me go, and maybe it wasn't if they're happy with the direction that they've gone. I don't hold any grudge against Jim. I'm almost kind of thankful that I was able to go on to better places in my career."

Independent Talents Rising to the top of WWE: "It's just about the cream rising to the top. You can bring in a lot of high-caliber athletes from outside of the wrestling bubble. Some will go on and have success but there's a lot that they don't necessarily understand. When I was in developmental they would bring in some football players and they were great athletes. Way better athletes than me. I was the last man on a division I football team that never saw any playing time, and they had all these All-Americans coming in. But it's just such a foreign concept, the art of professional wrestling, that it's hard to pick up and it's hard to grasp. It's not just the athletics, it's mental and emotional. There's so much to it. It is sport, but it's also art. Some people are just sports-driven, not artistic driven. A lot of the independent wrestlers have honed their craft for many years in different places and different scenarios. They've been able to work out what's good and what isn't good. They were the ones who seeked it out, and wanted to be in the industry of professional wrestling. So there's a level of love to it that maybe some people who were recruited don't have. When Jim Ross or Gerald Brisco would go out and recruit wrestlers, they were looking for the it-factor, or an extra tangible. But wrestlers on the independent scene already have an extra tangible in that they want it so badly that they sought it out. That's just an extra bonus, an extra mark of greatness for those wrestlers."