Several WWE Performers always try to grab the supposed brass ring, one that can get them to the top of the company. At least to the main event level they’d love to be at. Some find this brass ring as some sort of myth. Some talents even grab the ring and hold it up to the sky, yet still don’t get to have what they feel they deserve.

CM Punk has been quite vocal about his issues involving it all. Some like Punk say or do something major, and then they finally get their prize. His loudmouth, in your face personality got him to a place where we all noticed him. Then his great wrestling ability as well as promo ability made us at one point, consider him the Best in the World. Some even find him as this. Of course, it’s subjective and all about perception.

Yet, some people are vocal about their behind the scenes troubles and relate it to the TV audience. It does not always translate into a major push, Chris Daniels and Samoe Joe anyone? Some leave, then come back to hopefully get the role they deserve. Christian and Jeff Hardy come to mind.

Sometimes the tricks of the trade work for the political world of wrestling. But, you then have some that want it who don’t do anything crazy behind the scenes. One man who is worthy of a push and has done enough for it is Kofi Kingston.

Now understand, I am not the biggest fan of Kofi. I always felt that he needed to move away from some of the stuff he did in the ring, get an actual storyline worth a damn for us to see anything, and then impress more with promos.

But honestly, Kofi may have the most potential on the roster and may be the most deserving of a main event push today. Other than possibly Cody Rhodes, no one has been in the company longer without any sort of gift to the main event scene despite great work.

Someone like Rhodes has been in good storylines. He has been a great champion. He has had a few characters that broke out well. On top of that, he can talk and wrestle quite well. On top of that, he’s Second Generation.

Yet Kofi has done just as much as Rhodes in the period of time he has been around, if not more.

Kofi has won numerous titles in WWE. Here is a list:

A 4x Intercontinental Champion

A 3x United States Champion

A 2x WWE Tag Team Champion

And won 1 World Tag Team Championship

That brings his total titles to 10 in WWE. This puts him in the company of some of the greatest in the company today. In fact, Randy Orton just has one more title to his credit than Kofi.

He has more championships to his credit than his friend CM Punk (8). And he has more championships than Alberto Del Rio, Dolph Ziggler, and Daniel Bryan.

On top of that, he has won as many as The Miz, another man with a World Title to his credit. Btw, all of these men have been a former or are now a current World Champion in WWE.

So the point is, if all of these men can have a World Title to their credit, all of which won by Money in the Bank at one point, why is it so wrong to see what Kofi can do?

Here is the problem I have found.

Kofi relates to the child audience well, he can even relate well to the overall family. But there are a lot of people who do that. What Kofi can do in the ring is almost undoable. People like RVD and Dolph Ziggler may be able to do some of the stuff, but even still, Kofi’s unique style is all his own. He was an immediate fan favorite from the start.

Yet, WWE wanted to keep him inside a bit. I was fine with this originally, because they already had so many stars. They didn’t need Kofi in the main event scene. I also didn’t feel he was ready. Yet now, he is a veteran in the WWE. He is also proven. When you give a guy 10 Championships, and he is always in contention for the mid-card titles, how can he not get a push to some higher level?

WWE has pushed a ton of stars that have had the same level of popularity, skill, etc. Yet where is Kofi’s chance?

Some think it’s racial. It is often asked, why can’t Kofi be a World Champion? It’s because he’s black. This is what is...