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Jeff Hardy
Jeffrey Nero Hardy
  • Birthdate: 08/31/1977 (age 39)
  • Height: 6'2"
  • Weight: 215 Ib

Before gaining prominence in WWE, Hardy perform...

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In Parts 1 and 2, we went over Pain Killers and Steroids and why they are bad for the human body. In this series, we of course are diving into the major issues WWE has a problem with and why they are against them being involved in their company.

While we are going to go over the protection policy as well, I feel writing about the drug and hard liquid end of things first will give you more of an understanding of why WWE has been strict as of late on several WWE stars.

Today’s article will be on Marijuana. I wanted to make the article about both Weed and Alcohol, but due to the information on weed being too long, there will be a single one on alcohol.

A little history on Marijuana will result in you finding that even as late as the 1900’s doctors would give it medically for their patients through prescriptions. But the problem was that scientists didn’t understand its effects on the body.

Of course, the same could be said for alcohol and cigarettes. Alcohol was not found to have as many issues until the 1930’s. Cigarettes were not understood as much until the late 70’s and 80’s. Now, we know both to be quite harmful to the body. When it came to marijuana, very few knew of what it could do to you.

Social Scientists (Psychologists, Anthropologists, and Sociologists) would simply claim it was a “gateway” drug. This was both right and wrong. A certain percentage would go toward another drug, but it would go into flux. So you could never claim it was a guarantee if you did weed you’d do harder drugs. However, in the last 5 years we now know just about everything we need to about weed and what it can do to affect your human system.

We had results when it came to the brain, heart, lungs, and even the GI system. None were considered proven until the last few years.

Now, because I am fair to weed, I will first go over what it can do to help the body. Number one, it can relax you. Your brain actually can do more harm than good at times. You’ll over-think things and at times, cause yourself to have more pain than what it actually there. Weed stops this. So things like Anxiety are helped with it. Those who have a ton of real pain that is not created in your head will be helped too. So someone like Jeff Hardy who has taken a ton of bumps that were hard would be helped well with it.

When you cut off the nerves telling your body it’s hurting and you can relax, pain naturally will not be as big an issue for you. This is technically how pain killers work as well. So you can probably throw weed in the realm of pain killers. Now why is a medication like the Lortab given over weed? Well, let’s go over the negative side effects to understand that.

To understand the negativity, we have to talk about how weed works for you.

Upon inhalation, our lungs take in the weed and due to the fact that many hold it in for a bit (from 10 to 20 seconds), tar from the weed affect the lungs by attacking the small hair-like cilia that helps to protect the lungs. The cilia are either paralyzed from this or destroyed. The tar inhaled by holding in long, is up to 4 times the amount of an unfiltered cigarette. Which is pretty high.

That is like swallowing mud for little to no reason. Due to the cilia being injured, this allowed for the tar to penetrate the lungs. There by opening you up for a risk of viruses and infections like Chronic Bronchitis. Once inhaled, the smoke reaches the membranes lining the lungs and into the blood stream. The blood carries them from the lungs to the heart. Once there the blood vessels relax and dilate. This allows the blood to rush around the body.

Of course by doing this, the body immediately starts to feel warm as blood flows to the skin. It then surges to the small blood vessels in the eyes which turn them red. Now due to the blood rushing around the body, blood pressure starts to drop. If it drops too far, it can make you faint. But let’s not forget about THC. It has also made its way inside you. Once the chemical hits the blood stream, it immediately heads up the spine and into the brain.

Once it gets to the brain, you immediately get high. To experience something similar, try holding your breath for 30...