Jerry lawler
Jerry Lawler
Jerry O'Neil Lawler
  • Birthdate: 11/29/1949 (age 67)
  • Height: 6'0"
  • Weight: 243 Ib

Jerry Lawler serves as the play-by-play comment...

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During a match against Mike Bennett, BJ Whitmer was injured after taking a piledriver on the ring apron. The piledriver has been banned by many companies. Some companies make it an unwritten, locker room rule to never do it. Meanwhile other companies make it a rule the moment you walk in to wrestle.

At one point, World Wrestling Entertainment banned the basic piledriver all together.

The issue with Ring of Honor, where this match took place, is that it is an Indy company that does not “hold back” performers. This is both a good and horrible thing. It’s good because matches can be more impactful, fast-paced, and in-depth. But the problem with it is due to the fact that so much is allowed, there is a bit too much that can go wrong.

The piledriver is considered dangerous to wrestlers due to the fact that it has injured several in the past. But the way it hurts them is interesting. It’s not so much how hard a person hits, although it does play a factor. The main issue is how it is executed and how it’s landed.

In the case of Bennett/Whitmer, the move was done horribly wrong in a very bad area of the ring. Whitmer will probably have some issues from the move, and many believe he just had a stinger from it. But the problem was how the move was done and how Whitmer’s neck and head hit.

From the video taken, you can tell that Bennett did not go back far enough. But Whitmer did not have his shoulders high enough to have them take most of the blow. As a result, the move hurt Whitmer.

Whitmer is very lucky. According to reports, he tested negative for a broken vertebrae. But he did rupture a disc. While nothing may be broken, the disc is important to the neck as it’s part of the important areas of the neck, as all discs are.

The problem Whitmer will have is clearance to get back in the ring. It is possible doctors will want him to stay out a bit to make sure nothing is going to messed up in the neck region. It’s hard to give a timetable on that as well; it all depends on how fast healing happens.

But the question comes down to, why is the piledriver still allowed in wrestling? And will ROH ban it now as a result of the Whitmer scare?

The neck is quite precious to the human body. It is made up of several muscles that help to keep the neck strong. The muscles around the neck for wrestlers do tend to be a bit bigger as they tend to be in good shape. As a result of his, they can be helpful for them when landing moves like a piledriver. The issue is that the neck is sensitive.

The muscles within the neck can be strained, pulled, and torn. Those with bigger muscles in the neck are lucky, but the moment those muscles give, severe problems can happen.

Now do keep in mind that fat in the neck is just that, and having a bigger neck due to fat and not muscle will not be protective. In fact, it could lead to other issues.

A few muscles that tend to be the most help for the neck are the trapezius muscle and the sternocleidmastoid muscle. Once these are penetrated enough, you’ll land into an Accessory nerve that goes up through the neck into the Vagus Nerve that connects the Spinal and Cranial roots.

The Vagus Nerve is quite important, as it’s the longest cranial nerve, extending from the brain cell all the way to the viscera.

It helps to regulate the heart’s beating, as well as affect blood pressure.

Not only that, but it also controls muscle movement, keeps a person breathing, and basically transmits several chemicals through the body. It is also responsible for keeping the digestive system working, as it contracts the muscles of the stomach and intestines to help process food. It then throws back information about what is being digested and what the body is getting out of it. On top of all of this, speaking problems can occur if damage happens to this nerve.

So you can see why nerve trouble in the neck can be an extreme issue with just the Vagus Nerve. Beyond that, there are several glands and parts of the neck that can cause immediate paralysis and other long term issues.

Whitmer noted that he had problems with temporary paralysis on his right side after the piledriver. This is most likely due to the jarring of the spine or vertebrae, and then it...