Dearest CM Punk,

We all love you. In fact, you are probably adored by millions more than what you may even think. You have a huge impact on all wrestling fans. Some have followed you since your ROH and TNA days. Others like myself, haven't heard anything about you until you arrived on the scene in ECW. I (Along with a the majority of fans) Would like to see you back in a WWE ring. This is my open letter to you Phil Brooks.

While I'm not one to flood the “Dirt Sheets” because of your departure, I feel that you did your fans an injustice. Although it's only been a full week since we got word of you leaving, you have let many down, myself included. We were all in hopes that you were going to at least finish out until Wrestlemania. I think I can speak for all of us when I say that you dazzle us with your in ring work night in and night out. While it is a bummer that you are not on the bill for Wrestlemania anymore, you will be missed more than what you may think.

Back in 2011, you held the “Summer of Punk,” where you were speaking your mind, and clearly not giving into the corporate life. That empowered all of us to step up, and to stick up for ourselves to a degree. While you did it on national television night in and night out, you did it without any fear. That's what we all wanted to see, and that's what we got from you. Every single time when “Cult of Personality” hit, we all marked out to the biggest extreme. We got just as much of a rush from when your music hit as you did.

I remember back when you told Triple H and John Laurinaitis that they were both “gutless” because they had the unbelievable habit of firing people over the phone, rather than face to face. You then went on to give examples of wrestlers that they had wronged, such as Harry Smith, and Chris Masters. Two people who should not have been fired, but were due to “budget cuts.” When you did that, the entire arena as well as everyone watching dropped their jaws. They didn't get into that shock because you mentioned their names, but rather because you said what needed to be said, and you put them in their places.

Or what about the first pipebomb? You grabbed a microphone, and went right on the stage, proclaiming that you are the best on the mic, in the ring, and even on commentary...Well, two of the three ain't bad. But you told Cena that you like him more than you like most in the back, and vented your frustrations on The Rock coming back, and headlining Wrestlemania only because he was a “Pretty Good Ass-Kisser.” Everything you had said that night was true. In fact, I remember that I was on the phone with my now fiancee, and told her I'd call her back because I knew I was going to witness wrestling gold. Then just like that, you left us with one of the most compelling shoots we had ever seen. So good they cut your microphone when you crossed the line.

So, where did that CM Punk go? Where did the attitude venture off to? Is this the new CM Punk? Did we trade in the “Best In The World,” to get the best “Crybaby In the World?” did we trade in the “Voice of the Voiceless” only to get “The Weakest Voice?” If we did, I'd like to see where I signed up for that. If you were burned out, fine. If you were simply fed up, fine. But don't come back. If you come back, and expect a title shot, you know what you are? You'll be classified as a hypocrite.

You'll be classified as a hypocrite because you came back and wanted a title shot instantly, which is exactly what you're preaching about now. I like you Punk, I do. When you were ECW Champion, I always had your back. When you created the Straight Edge Society, I had your back. When you broke out, and busted your ass into new heights, I cheered just as loud as everyone else did. But, whatever was said from Vince or Trips, it must have been bad. It was obviously bad enough that you had to leave.

So in short Punk, I want you back. I want you to lace up your boots, put on the white tape on your wrists and hear Cult of Personality one last time. But it better be because you are willing to bust your ass again, and...