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Bret Hart
Bret Hart
  • Birthdate: 07/02/1957 (age 57)
  • Height: 6'0"
  • Weight: 234 Ib

A member of the Hart wrestling family and a sec...

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Years ago, a video game made by WWE called “WWF SmackDown” became a household name. It seemed every time a new one would come out, people would flock to it.

Personally speaking, I probably played WWF SmackDown 2 for hours every day after school was over. Homework be damned!

It was so awesome during this time period. Eventually better versions of the game series came out. One of those versions, “SmackDown: Shut Your Mouth” really broke ground in the WWE game genre. While the “Just Bring It” version really changed how things were done, in that it was made to be more 3D based, Shut Your Mouth added more than anyone expected.

No one expected it to do so well. The critics claim it is still one of the most fun versions along with the “Here Comes The Pain” version. This is the first game that involved the Bra and Panties match for historians.

WWE Games really hid their stride however when “SmackDown vs Raw” started. Not only did the 3D base look even better, but the move-sets massively increased. The rosters also kept getting bigger and bigger.

Eventually the SvR series became THE game for WWE game critics, and to this day, all are still very good when played.

This is the series that introduced other match concepts that were popular in the past. And some that were in the late part of the SmackDown series. The issue with SvR to most, was that no one knew if they could get any better with the game. The story modes weren’t bad, but they weren’t impressive and ground breaking.

Also, the overall game didn’t feel like the greatest of fighting games. EA was putting out Fight Night all the time, and far surpassed THQ in the making of the WWE game series. While EA messes up a lot in games at times, they get gameplay right in many circumstances.

Fight Night has always been praised for its gameplay and fluid movements. To rival them, they had to improve. After going from late 2004 to 2011 with the SmackDown vs RAW series, THQ and WWE decided to rival the rest of the sports world.

They changed the name to simply “WWE”, then added the number for the following year. In the case of the first, we had WWE ’12. Randy Orton was the cover boy for the inaugural version . This was a take on all sports games having one or a few athletes on the cover with one simple name, along with the upcoming year.

For some, they did well in rivaling the sports games of the same year.

They rapidly improved the overall game did THQ, but by making the overall gameplay good, they removed several favorite match types. Many people loved the previous games for several reasons, but the several match types was the most common favorite among fans. This, along with the GM Mode of course. But let’s not get crazy.

Gamers were both outraged and excited about the new WWE series. It seemed that THQ was lazy with a lot of features while trying to improve the in-ring gameplay. No better example is in the game from this past year where they had a Special Guest Referee match, but the ref didn’t have a ref shirt.

Hilariously, in previous WWE games where a Special Guest Referee match was in place, a shirt was always on the person refereeing the match. So why could it not be this time around?

The reversal system became quite annoying to some when it came to the in-ring work. You couldn’t do anything if you were fast on the trigger. Online, it was almost impossible to do anything right in reversals.

It seemed THQ was experiencing some financial issues from bad business over the years, and as a result, closed up shop this past year. As a result, the WWE Game rights went to Take-Two Interactive. Who famously are known in the sports world by their sports division known as “2K Sports”.

Gamers everywhere did a backflip in excitement. Because 2K Sports really knew how to do things right when it came to games. There are some who still play the last NFL game they developed years ago. It was so in depth for it’s time, that EA is just now catching up to some of the features it had in it.

NBA 2K along with MLB 2K were considered great by fans over long periods too. But 2K has also done entertainment games well on top of that.

Games such as Max Payne, BioShock, Red Dead Redemption, L.A Noire, Spec Ops: The Line, and Grand Theft Audo were done by Take-Two. So...