"I know you hurt, I hurt too. But you don't have to hurt anymore. What do you think it is that they're gonna do to something they cannot hurt? What do you think they'll do to someone who won't be afraid of them? I've been through hell, I know how cruel it can be. I know what it's like. I know what it does to a man. It changes you, it makes you stronger, man. I am strong now. Stronger than I ever was. It took away my ability to feel fear, to feel pain, I'm not afraid anymore. I no longer am able to feel the pains of man. What will they do when they discover they cannot hurt me? They cannot hurt me. What are you gonna do to someone like me? Run." -Bray Wyatt

Before even debuting on the main roster, the Wyatt Family has already gotten a fan base. Interesting enough, the leader of the group is former NXT rookie and Nexus member, Husky Harris. He now goes by the name Bray Wyatt and will lead his family to the WWE with an iron fist.

While reports claim that WWE is pushing the Wyatt Family up to compete with the likes of the popular series Duck Dynasty, to me, this is idiotic. Number one, Duck Dynasty is a hilarious show on A.E. that focuses on the business and lives of the Robertson Family.

They are Louisiana natives who run their family owned business that sells Duck calls, as well as deer calls. The show’s popularity cannot be denied, so it is not surprising that Vince McMahon could have taken notice. The problem I have is that he wants to create a group to compete against an entire show.

The Wyatt Family also has southern roots from the home of Mardi Gras, but the two families cannot be any different.

One is a family of terrific family values that have a cast of comedic characters that are like this without any sort of script to run off of. It’s pure reality, which is why people find it so good.

Then we have the Wyatt’s which are led by an evil cult leader in Bray, who simply tries to brain wash his family. All who are with him are lost and need guidance, and he gives it. Then he uses them to do his bidding.

To me, the two families are completely separate. So competing? Far from it in my opinion.

But it is interesting to say the least. Bray alone is a cool case. The character is brilliantly done. Not many are able to go from being a weird character people saw going nowhere in Husky Harris, to being a terrific character actor in Bray Wyatt. However, Will Rotunda did just that.

Like Cody Rhodes before him, being the son of a WWE legend does have its perks of course. Would another person have fit here? Maybe so, but the interesting part is that the Wyatt’s are a type of group that can succeed. And being led by a person who “knows the system” is also cool.

Sure, another person could have played this character. But why try another? That’s mainly because the man who is doing it, may be perfect for the role.

Knowing what he knows, and being a kid growing up in the wrestling business, it seems like he would know how it all works. He knows the fans and how they work. And he also knows what makes both the wrestler and fan tick. This adds to how he brain washes the people he leads.

He knows what is getting to them, he knows what they need. He offers it and slowly brain washes them to eventually do as he wants. He describes himself as more monster than human for a reason.

His words from the promos he does make you think. He speaks a lot of truth with the trash he gives out. But it’s the truth that some people catch on to. So from a psychological perspective, when one thinks of how cults start, you have to think of who leads.

Usually a leader of a cult is well-spoken. They are able to be friendly, and easy to talk to. They are ENFJ personalities, able to speak with all other types, even those who are normally quiet.

This is why Bray is so good. He fits the standard cult leader well and with his well-spoken, ENJF personality; he makes the average person really listen to him. To them, his words are only truth. This is perfect for stories on WWE TV.

People may ask, can this actually be accepted in PG? Of course it can....