Daniel Bryan vs. Santa Claus?, Who Helps Dolph Ziggler?


— The official WWE website is currently running a poll asking fans who has the better beard — Daniel Bryan or Santa Claus. At last check, Bryan was winning the poll with 65 percent of the vote.

— WWE Superstar Dolph Ziggler recently spoke to The Washington Times about Arn Anderson helping him backstage in WWE. Ziggler stated:

“Absolutely Arn. He’s taken a liking to me because of my work ethic. I’m the guy who doesn’t necessarily win all the time, always out there giving a great match, [and] making someone else look better. He crushed for so many years like that, so I feel like he relates to me sometimes. He pulls me aside and gives me a lot of pointers. [WWE Hall of Famer] Pat Paterson is another one. Guys who are so good and so smart with the business, loving the business, and [when] they see someone else loving it, they try to pass on their wisdom.”

You can check out the complete interview online at WashingtonTimes.com.

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