The Huffington Post posted a lengthy interview with Diamond Dallas Page about his DDP Yoga program. Below are some highlights.

DDP on being introduced to yoga: "Originally, when I was introduced to yoga, I kept resisting. I kept saying that I wouldn't be caught dead doing yoga. Years ago, there was absolutely no way. But that was my ignorance. I was very frustrated with it. Think about it, people are twisting themselves up like pretzels, right?"

DDP on how he mixed yoga positions and rehab techniques: "I started to mix the yoga positions and the rehab techniques. Then I added old-school calisthenics, the push-ups, squats and crunches. DDP YOGA became a kick-ass cardiovascular workout while strengthening your core with minimal joint impact. I put my own style on it, and it sits by itself."

DDP on the experience of being on Shark Tank: "I loved being on there. I loved being able to show people what DDP YOGA is all about. It took five interviews to get there. They are real sticklers. ... Here is how strong that show is. In six days we did one million dollars in sales. That's insane. From the rebroadcast alone, we made $200,000 in sales."

DDP on how he used to do a lot of clubbing and partying in his youth: "I did all of the shot specials. Yeah, the seventy-five cent Kamikazes. Man, I partied even at 35 when I got into wrestling, but way less. When I blew my back out at age 42, I said, 'Okay, I've got to be more concerned about food and health."