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Dean Ambrose
Jonathan Good
  • Birthdate: 12/07/1985 (age 30)
  • Height: 6'4
  • Weight: 225 Ib

He is signed to WWE, where his reign as WWE Uni...

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Dean Ambrose recently spoke with the Poughkeepsie Journal to promote WWE's show over the weekend. Check out the highlights:

On the concept of The Shield: "I can tell you it's been an ever-evolving process. I don't think we knew where we wanted to go. Every week, it's been a new idea. An on-the-fly idea. Coming out of the crowd was not a pre-planned, premeditated idea that someone came up with in a meeting room. Everything has kind of organically evolved. Instead of coming through the entrance way, we wanted to make a statement to people that what you see is not like every other WWE superstar, every other normal wrestler. It was done to separate ourselves. We're not like everyone in the back. We're completely different and more dangerous and something you've got to keep your eyes on. "Everything from the moves we do to the things we wear to the things we say, all of them have been on the fly. We're making it up as we go along. If something feels natural, we do it. If somebody says a good line, it's like, hey I like that line, let's go with it. Or someone does a good move, hey I like that move, let's do that again. It's been an on-the job process. You're watching it unfold with your eyes as much as we are and I think that's one of the exciting things for the fans."

On cutting promos: "Cutting a promo has always come very naturally and it's nothing I ever had to work on. I don't know how to explain it. I don't have a particular process. You have to not be afraid to be yourself and let go and tap into how you really feel. You need to let loose. If you can do that, you can show people a different side of your personality. Get in front of the camera and be free. I enjoy being in front of the camera and I use it as an outlet. In real life, I'm a pretty private person. I'm not a flashy, attention-seeking, kind of guy. When the red light goes on, you have an opportunity to be whatever you want and let loose and use it as an outlet. I'm able to take a lot of aggression off my choice. I guess my best advice would be to just cut loose and not be afraid to just let your real self come out from inside. If you get intimidated by the camera, that shows through. Just enjoy cutting it loose. Guys today, a lot of them only learned one way to do it. They came up in developmental or whatever and are told what to say and that's the only way they know how to do it. I didn't come up that way, fortunately. I don't want anybody to tell me what to say. When you put words in my mouth, I don't like that. With a promo, you have an opportunity to sell tickets and sell pay-per-views and create interest. Every single time, the camera's on you, you have a chance to expand your bank account and puts (butts) in the seats and help your performance. It's all a big part of a masterpiece of an angle or a story that climaxes in a match. It all ties together."