Vince mcmahon
Vince McMahon
Vincent Kennedy McMahon
  • Birthdate: 08/24/1945 (age 69)
  • Height: 6'2"
  • Weight: 248 Ib

Vince McMahon is credited with being the greate...

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Vince and Linda McMahon have between $92 million and $355 million in investments. The couple's 2011 financial disclosure report revealed the sum, which is split between stocks, bonds, and other securities. The couple paid just under 25% in federal and state taxes and has stock in Apple, Target, McDonald's, and Whole Foods Market. Linda's campaign spokeswoman said, "Linda has lived the American Dream. She has experienced hardships and success."

Linda has vowed to support the Stop Trading on Congressional Knowledge act if she's elected to the Senate, which prohibits government employees from trading on private information revealed as part of Congressional business. "I will insist that my investments be put in a blind trust account that I will neither see nor have any control over," she said in a video. "I strongly believe members of Congress should be treated the same as everyone else, no preferences, and there should be zero opportunities for personal gain."