-- Dolph Ziggler tweeted the following after losing a tag-team match featuring himself and Kofi Kingston against The Shield's Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose on this week's WWE SmackDown broadcast:

"um @WWERomanReigns if u do a 'superman' punch do u REALLY need a bulletproof vest? ps vests are SO 2013 @wwe #SmackDown"

-- Due to CM Punk's recent walkout of the WWE, the WrestleMania 30 card is now reportedly in a state of flux. WWE is currently holding off for a few more weeks before major decisions on the card are made, so the crowd reactions can be gauged for certain Superstars.

Two match ideas that are now being discussed are a triple threat match between all three members of The Shield and another triple threat match for the WWE world heavyweight title between Daniel Bryan, Randy Orton, and Batista. If WWE goes forward with the triple threat title match, than a triple threat match with The Shield is not likely to take place because WWE doesn't want two triple threat matches on the same show as we noted yesterday here on the website.