-- The producers of the "Unauthorized Documentary on ECW" have updated the pledge awards on Kickstarter for the the film fundraising. The film now has pledge levels at $5,000 and $10,000 that will give you one or all, respectively, of five ECW alumni--Shane Douglas, Stevie Richards, Jerry Lynn, Blue Meanie, and Angel of the Baldies--coming to where you live along with two producers of the film for a screening.

So far the film has raised $7,121 of the required $23,200 with twenty-one days to go. For more information, go here.

-- Adam Cole recently spoke with Kayfabe Wrestling Radio about his start in the business, his Ring of Honor work and more. Check out the highlights:

On how he became interested in pro wrestling: "What happened was, I grew up in a great family but also in a very conservative area; I had very loving parents and a great younger brother. Right when I was growing up, right in that 9-10 (years old) age, that was when pro wrestling, as a whole, was transitioning into that Attitude Era, where wrestling was becoming more sexual and more violent, so my parents never really gave me the opportunity to watch it. However, when my parents split up when I was 9 years old, I started taking karate lessons and I was just enamored by the entire thing; I really looked up to my instructor and looked to him as a father figure. I would get there early and I would stay there late just because I loved it so much, it was a Monday through Friday kind of deal. And I'll never forget, one day I got there early and he was running on the treadmill watching a taped RAW from the night before, where Kane and Stone Cold Steve Austin were putting Paul Bearer in a sewer; that was my first wrestling memory. But my instructor looked at me and said ‘Oh, you watch pro wrestling?' and I said ‘Yeah, all the time' but in reality I'd never seen it before; I just wanted to fit in with him so badly. So then he shared with me ‘Well I have Wrestlemania 15 taped; it was in Philadelphia this year. You can borrow it if you want, you just need a written note from your parents.' So I went home and bagged her to let me borrow his tape, and I guess she figured if a karate instructor is teaching young kids about discipline, honor and respect, that pro wrestling couldn't be that bad. So, she let me borrow the tape and the first time I saw Stone Cold Steve Austin versus the Rock, I was just hooked."

On how he became a part of Ring of Honor: "At this point, I'd been training pretty heavily and wrestling heavily at CZW and I started working a little bit for Gabe Sapolsky's Dragon Gate USA and EVOLVE promotion and, at the same time, I had started going to Ring of Honor shows, and at this point, I was just helping set up the ring and tear down the ring, just hoping for an opportunity. Eventually, I got some dark match opportunities and I did dark matches for about a solid year, and I remember each and every time I would have a match, I would come to the back and ask Adam Pierce how I did and he'd say ‘Yep, good job' and that would be it; no opportunity to wrestle on television or anything like that. So I started thinking ‘I need to give him different; something to give him a reason to want to invest in me. So, I remember I decided that I was going to send him an e-mail and send him some promos of mine, some heel promos, and he really enjoyed the promos. So, for my next dark "opportunity", he wanted me to go into the ring and cut an in-ring promo, that was it.; I was supposed to come out, before the show, cut a promo and leave. And as Adam Pierce was watching it, Jim Cornette also happened to be watching it and both of them really, really enjoyed it. When I got to the back, they said they enjoyed what they saw, and I was offered a contract right from there."

On his favorite tag team to face in Ring of Honor: "Oh man, that is so, so tough to say. I really take this very seriously when I say that, especially when Kyle and I were wrestling teams like The Kings of Wrestling and the Brisco Brothers and the American Wolves, I really felt that the tag team division within Ring of Honor just could not be touched. There were just so many good...