Partial Source: The Wrestling Observer

-- Make sure to check back to the website often guys. These next few days are going to be absolutely insane. We'll have tons of post Royal Rumble news and rumors today. Trust me when I tell you today (Monday) will be a wild day with post Royal Rumble and pre RAW news. You'll want to check back in as often as possible in order to keep up with all the news. After RAW tonight, we'll have post-RAW news + WrestleMania and HOF news. It'll be another late night. Tomorrow (Tuesday), we've got the NXT/SmackDown tapings + WZR Radio. Again, check back in often and get ready for this crazy ride we call Royal Rumble and the road to WrestleMania! Thanks for your continued support of the website!

-- Sources within WWE say that Evan Bourne, who is currently serving a 60-day suspension for his second violation of WWE's Talent Wellness Program, is missed in the locker room and in the ring. Many people within the company hope he is able to bounce back from his recent troubles and achieve success again. Others believe he is done with the company.

-- As of a few days ago, WWE officials were considering renewing Ezekiel Jackson's push. The Guyanese grappler, however, was a non-factor in Sunday night's 30-Royal Rumble Match. (GLOBE)

-- Here's an interview with Zack Ryder with USA Today talking about his online show Z! The True Long Island Story. In the interview he notes he's spent between $10,000 - $15,000 in the last year and is always buying new things for the show. "I did a thing where I took my sunglasses and threw it at the camera and it broke my camera. You never know what costs are going to pop up, but it's all worth it," he says.