Former WWE Creative Team Member Andrew Goldstein recently spoke about his time with WWE. Here are the highlights…

On hetting hired by WWE: "The first time I even thought of writing for the WWE was because I saw a job listing on," Goldstein said. "I was working on a show called ‘Web Junk' for VH1, and I read the listing description and said, ‘I can do this.' On those job websites you never hear back because it is just a glut of résumé, but I actually did hear back from the WWE. The [human resources] person wrote me and said we're interested because I had some things like MTV, VH1 and Comedy Central on my résumé. I went through the application process once, didn't get the job and called her a year later to try the process again."

On stories he worked on: "I originally got hired to do ‘Diva Search' stuff with The Miz because of my MTV background," Goldstein said. "Then I got put on team ‘SmackDown' with Dusty Rhodes as our former wrestler to work out the physicality of the things we wrote. I worked a lot with Jimmy Wang Yang intro vignettes, the MVP/Mr. Kennedy unlikely heel friendship, MVP's inferno match story with Kane, the custody of Dominic, Maryse Ouellet's intro vignettes where she was in lingerie in a satin bed."

On why he didn't last in WWE: "I didn't have the confidence to tell these behemoths what I needed from them in a backstage vignette," he said. "I didn't have the confidence to suggest an idea to them. Whereas now with the professional background that I do have, I could go up to anybody and say, ‘Here's what I need from you on camera right now. You have 40 seconds and this is the emotion I need from you.' I didn't have that confidence at 25 years old."

You can read the full interview by clicking here.