For those who always ask me about pay-per-view streams, I’ll throw this out there with the WWE Battleground pay-per-view tonight. We are not affiliated with this website at all but I use Basically you sign up for an account, make it ‘elite’ (it’s like $15 or something for the entire month – all PPVs (WWE, TNA, UFC, etc.) and you get a HQ Quality stream. It works every time for us and never skips. Again, we’re not affiliated with the site but I always get asked so here you go.

Eric Pankowski, who reigned as WWE's Senior Vice President, Creative and Development from February 2012 through March, has been named executive producer of Arsenio Hall's syndicated late-night show, The Arsenio Hall Show, according to The former head of WWE's creative department is replacing Neal Kendall, who stepped down from the position. Pankowski joined CBS TV Distribution in May to develop first-run syndicated programming and oversee current shows.

Pankowski, who was tapped to replace longtime creative head Brian Gewirtz, was removed from the position because according to, he was not receptive to concepts beyond his own and that ultimately cost him allies within the organization.