eWrestlingNews.com spoke with a source backstage at RAW on Monday night in Seattle that informed us that there was some incredible turmoil as a result of the main event segment on the show.

Apparently the top management figures in the company were very upset over the crowd reaction during "The Ascension" segment featuring many past WWE and World Champions that closed out the show. While WWE expected Daniel Bryan to be more over than usual due to his Washington-based roots, they were caught off guard by the way the crowd hijacked the featured segment of the evening, one that was designed as the final "hard sell" for Sunday's TLC pay-per-view.

There is said to be some backstage heat on several guys, including John Cena and CM Punk. Punk and Randy Orton apparently had words, while Cena was in trouble for going completely off-script during his promo on Orton.

As one source told eWrestlingNews.com, "Orton was extremely pissed and threw a fit backstage, and things are not looking good." The source added, "It was completely out of control near the gorilla position immediately after the show went off the air." This was obviously a result of Cena's harsh comments towards him during the TLC "go-home" promo for their title unification match this Sunday.

Additionally, WWE Hall Of Famer Bret "The Hitman" Hart was upset at the "Montreal Screwjob" reference made by Orton during his promo. While Orton's comments about the infamous Survivor Series incident were apparently scripted, Hart was not informed ahead of time that they were coming.

As far as Punk is concerned, eWrestlingNews.com is hearing that "The Best In The World" is again seriously contemplating retirement, or simply parting ways with WWE. As noted in the past, Punk is dealing with a number of injuries and is generally unhappy with the direction WWE is currently headed. Punk is known to be "moody" at times and whether or not this is another example of that, or the real deal this time, remains to be seen.

eWrestlingNews.com is checking with additional sources and we will be following up on this story as more information surfaces throughout the week. Matt Boone and I (Ryan Clark) discussed this in-depth at the very beginning of hour two on this week's edition of WZRtv.

For more exclusive details on this ongoing story, check out this week's WZRtv broadcast below. The discussion of the story begins at the top of the second hour which starts at approximately the 1:23:00 mark.

Also, we are continuing to work this story and plan to have MUCH more later this week. Stay tuned for that.

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