Hulk Hogan
Terry Gene Bollea
  • Birthdate: 08/11/1953 (age 61)
  • Height: 6'7"
  • Weight: 302 Ib

Hogan enjoyed mainstream popularity in the 1980...

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Back on January 26th, 2012, we posted a story on Hulk Hogan where he claimed in an interview that he almost joined an early version of Metallica and that he used to be good friends with drummer Lars Ulrich. Hogan said: "I used to be a session musician before I was a wrestler. I played bass guitar. I was big pals with Lars Ulrich and he asked me if I wanted to play bass with Metallica in their early days but it didn't work out." He added that he was a big fan of The Stone Roses and he used to play them during his workout sessions. He added: "I love the Stone Roses. They're getting back together, right? That's cool man. I used to work out to some of their songs."

Then yesterday here on the website, we reported that Lars Ulrich, the drummer for Metallica, appeared on Howard Stern's show and was asked about Hulk Hogan's claim that he nearly joined Metallica. Ulrich denied the rumors and said he doesn't even know who Hulk is! "You know what? I'm blessed or cursed, depending on how you look at it, with having more or less a photographic memory for pretty much anything that I've been a part of," said Ulrich. "That one, when that showed up two or three months ago, I was scratching my head over that one. Unless he went by - I don't know Hulk Hogan, I don't know enough about him... I'm not a huge wrestling (fan) - if there was a whole thing that we had with him under a different name, but I certainly have no recollection of doing anything with quote Hulk Hogan end quote. That one, I was scratching my head on that one, too."

When asked earlier today about Lars claiming he didn't know who he was, Hogan told me the following: @RyanClarkWZR yo clown I said I had my agent reach out to them and never heard back from them. HH

Although we may be "clowns", Hogan has apparently completely forgot what he said back on January 26th, 2012. As noted above, Hogan clearly stated that he was "big pals" with Lars and that Lars had asked him to be a part of the band! "I was big pals with Lars Ulrich and he asked me if I wanted to play bass with Metallica in their early days but it didn't work out," Hogan said.

We notified Hulk of his direct quote from the earlier interview and we have yet to hear back. I wouldn't bet we'll get any sort of response but we'll see!