As we exclusively noted over the weekend via, WWE sent out a mass text and emails to their talents on Sunday afternoon stating that there would be a backstage meeting at RAW at 3PM on Monday to address any frustrations talents may have had. WWE got word of our exclusive reports about travel and pay and how many talents were very frustrated as of late but were afraid to speak out due to fear of losing their jobs. As noted, none of these guys are trying to get fired; they just want to be compensated fairly. The main source of frustration stems from the current bonuses they are receiving as well as some talents only getting paid $500 per show in Brazil while the company made millions.

In an update on the meeting, everything went down at 3PM as expected. The guys were brought into a meeting room and the company addressed anyone being unhappy in the locker room. Triple H was the "leader" of the meeting and all talents and management were in attendance. When officials asked if anyone was unhappy and to speak up now, nobody did. As noted, talents fear speaking up, especially in front of the entire locker-room, due to fear of getting massive backstage heat and possibly being axed. The issue is nearly half of the current roster is frustrated but are afraid to speak up as others likely wouldn't speak up. The moral of the story is that it all involves backstage politics and guys know exactly what happens if they speak up. They ended the backstage meeting by saying to use common sense and be careful with social media and "everyone would be fine". As we've been exclusively noting, many talents are now emailing and calling the Connecticut media to express their concerns. The feeling is that if the media picks up on it (and they have with A.W.'s firing), this will create major issues for Linda McMahon's "job creator" senate campaign. With that being said, WWE will then be forced to take care of guys that are unhappy - and there are A LOT of them these days.

The frustrated mid-card talents are also looking for a "leader", such as guys like The Rock, Chris Jericho, Rey Mysterio, etc who will speak up for the guys. All of these names have "gone to bat" for mid-carders in the past and are open to forming some sort of union.