Following the release of Abraham Washington, there is talk within WWE about giving the Prime Time Players (Titus O'Neil and Darren Young) a new manager or adding another member to the group. Vince McMahon is said to be against using managers, but many feel that it will change and that the team will get paired up with a new manager soon. If it's not a manager, there was talk of adding JTG to the group, obviously to keep him happy. That's part of the reason you haven't seen him blasting the company on Twitter as of late. We're told they tried to calm him down last week on RAW but then jobbed him out on TV this week for speaking up. The fact that he got television time and the issue was addressed was apparently enough to keep him happy .... for now. After JTG demanded to appear on RAW, his wish was granted by brand General Manager AJ Lee as she placed him in a one-on-one match against Ryback. After decisively losing, the Cryme Tyme founder was asked on Backstage Fallout how it felt to be back.

"It was great, it was everything I ever imagined. It was stupendous. Just so you know, I'm being sarcastic," JTG says. He is also asked if he learned what words not to use around the new GM. "In the future, I'll check myself, but she took it the wrong way. I didn't mean she was crazy, I just meant the whole ... whatever. But anyways, I was out there on RAW, doing my thing," he says.

The guys are still very frustrated though and plan to continue calling out the company if something isn't done to take care of the mid-card talents.

As we exclusively last night here on the website, Shawn Michaels' line on RAW about Triple H "flying commercial" and calling him "Mr. Big Wig" was a direct shot at our exclusive report about mid-card talents being frustrated with management/agents/producers flying on private jets and riding in limos to the arena. They also have all their travel and hotel accommodations paid for by the company while the majority of talents sit in coach and pay for their own hotels, rental cars, etc. Main event talents ride in their own personal buses, which are owned by the company. John Cena, CM Punk, The Big Show and others all have their own personal tour buses and make huge bonuses on overseas tours, pay-per-view events and merchandise sales. We're told John Cena gets over 40% of merchandise sales while a guy like Zack Ryder gets less than 10 percent. Ryder is one of the top five merchandise sellers in the company.

It could clearly be seen on RAW that WWE was basically egging on their mid-card talents who have been frustrated. They directly referenced JTG's tweets from last week and then had him completely "job out" to Ryback. Other guys who have been openly frustrated (Tensai and Ron Killings) were "jobbed out" as well. Despite Truth defeating Slater, he was taken out by the Prime Time Players and there are plans to give the titles to them on Sunday. Basically, WWE's way of responding to mid-card talents frustration is to job them out. Vince McMahon loves doing stuff like this but in the long run, it's only going to cause more frustration with the possibility of many of these guys lashing out at the company. It's obviously not the smartest move with Linda McMahon's senate campaign but WWE doesn't seem to care or feels WWE talent "doesn't have the balls" to speak out for fear of losing their jobs. As noted before in our exclusive report via, none of these guys want to leave or get fired but feel "enough is enough" and something needs to be done. Until a bunch of these guys decide to step up, the company is obviously going to continue to mock their frustrations on television.

It was interesting to note that WWE had JTG "flirting" with Kaitlyn backstage and then followed it up by plugging Roddy Piper later in the night. You can draw your own conclusions with the whole Piper/Kaitlyn and JTG stories we've posted here on the website. Then, as noted above, Shawn Michaels' referenced the "flying commercial/big wig" story we exclusively reported on in a backstage segment talking to Triple H on a cell phone. Again, things like this only infuriate talents further. It's basically a giant "FU" to over half the current WWE roster.