We noted on Monday that there are mixed feelings within WWE regarding Antonio Cesaro. Cesaro reportedly has WWE officials "on the fence" regarding his long-term value to the company. Many within the company view him as a "now or never" talent and they're hoping he has a breakout moment soon.

In an update on this, it was announced on RAW that Santino Marella will defend the US title on the SummerSlam pre-show against Cesaro. Many people expect Santino to drop the title to Cesaro on Sunday.

As we've been exclusively reporting via WZROnline.com, Santino is one of the current mid-card talents who is very frustrated these days and has been openly talking about it. He's being paid a very low percentage of his merchandise sales and isn't being given anything extra for the money the company makes off his YouTube.com show. By putting the title on Cesaro, it basically "punishes" Santino for complaining backstage and gives WWE the opportunity to see if Cesaro is going to work out or not. Basically, they'll give him a run with the title and see how things go.