As we've noted multiple times here on the website, a big issue occurred recently when WWE wrestlers went overseas to work a Brazilian tour and was shown gratitude in the form of one of the lowest pay offs in recent memory. A tour, which by all means was considered a huge financial success, resulted in talent receiving a $500 pay off, instead of the usual $2,000-$4,000.

Also as noted previously, WWE talent received a mass-text from management on Friday informing them that they would be receiving additional compensation for the aforementioned Brazilian tour. This is a key issue. Depending on what talent receives financially for their additional Brazilian tour pay, there could be a huge situation that unfolds in front of the public eye.

According to a reliable source, if the additional Brazilian tour pay does not calm down the disgruntled WWE employees, many could begin to speak up via social media outlets such as Twitter, Facebook, or by going directly to management as JTG did infamously two weeks ago. This is of major concern to WWE management and officials, as that is the absolute last thing they need right now with the Linda McMahon Senate campaign in full effect.

We published a story a few days ago stressing the importance of the McMahon Senate issue. AW saw his career with WWE come-and-go as a result of a public mention of the political endeavor currently being sought out by the senior lady-McMahon. And his public mention, a recent tweet, was one of a positive nature. To reiterate, WWE has stressed to talent that they want their wrestlers making no mention, positive or negative, regarding Linda McMahon's second bid to become Senator. As far as WWE is concerned, the worst part about all of this, is WWE wrestlers are well-aware of the hair-trigger sensitivity of the issue.

It should come as no surprise that WWE wrestlers talk amongst themselves. Knowing that with McMahon running with the "job creator" campaign focal point, now is no time for WWE to be releasing talent in droves, or to continue to allow stars to be mistreated in the work place. According to a source, WWE talent is well aware of this, and if the additional Brazilian tour pay does not calm the guys down we could see a number of stars begin to speak out in the near future. If that happens, WWE would have no choice but to address the issue in serious fashion.

It should be noted that WWE stars aren't looking to take advantage of the situation. Many have made it clear that they love working for the company, but that with the unfair travel arrangements and expenses, as well as the recent serious decrease in pay, many have found themselves in a position where they can't comfortably get by and support their families.

Needless to say, if the extra Brazilian tour dough isn't fair and just, WWE could be in the midst of dealing with some serious public problems in the form of WWE stars shedding even more light on the situation that has already become public knowledge, especially as of late. We will be back with another exclusive update in the very near future on whether or not the talent are satisfied with the way WWE handles compensating them for a tour that they were grossly underpaid and under appreciated for.

We know that some of this was already posted here on the website over the weekend but we're putting it out there again as this weekend has been very slow traffic-wise. While some of you read the site daily, others only check in once in awhile which is why we sometimes put things up a second time with added updates.

Stay tuned to eWN for continued exclusive coverage on this ongoing issue currently unfolding backstage in WWE.