As we exclusively noted over the weekend, many mid-card talents are very frustrated with the payouts for WrestleMania and International tours. A mass text message was sent out to talents last Friday stating that they would be paid more for the recent Brazilian tour. This was once again re-enforced at the backstage meeting at RAW on Monday.

During the meeting, reports that talents were told there was a "clerical error" when their checks were sent out for those shows. The company now says new checks with higher payments will be cut for the talent. Many feel the only reason this is being done is because WWE caught wind of our online reports that talent was very unhappy with their $500 payouts for Brazil. It's basically a big excuse and "damage control" as they don't want guys blasting them on social media or Linda McMahon's opponents finding out that the company recently made millions of dollars and only cut their talents (the guys who actually do the work) a very small percentage of that.