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Bret Hart
Bret Hart
  • Birthdate: 07/02/1957 (age 59)
  • Height: 6'0"
  • Weight: 234 Ib

A member of the Hart wrestling family and a sec...

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-- old_tv_fan sent this one in: Thought you might want to know The Rock, will be holding a live web chat Monday 3pm UK time with The Sun.


No mention in article though that he is current WWE Champ.

-- Neville OConnell sent this one in: During a recent Q&A Facebook session with fans Bret is quoted as saying: "And thats all for today guys ... I look forward to seeing all my friends at Wrestlemania this year. Its going to be a fun time." Source: http://www.facebook.com/hitmanbrethart Take it for what its worth

-- Joshua Modaberi sent this one in: Hi, My name is Joshua Modaberi and I'm a sports journalist and cover wrestling for a number of publications. Here is an article I did with Devon for Wrestling101 and I was just wondering if you wanted to use parts of the interview on your website with a link to www.wrestling101.com. Devon talks about his time wrestling in ECW, WWE and TNA as well as being a member of Aces & 8's and comparing his three bosses. http://www.wrestling101.com/home/2013/03/devon-interview/ Look forward to hearing from you soon. Kind regards. Josh

-- Daniel J. DiLoreto sent this along: Are we supposed to believe a 72 year old Iranian man is this tech savvy? Running a Facebook, Twitter and Instagram account? I doubt it.


Hi there, thought you may be interested to know that John Cena and Stephanie McMahon were panelists at the SXSW Interactive Conference this weekend. That's the technology and social media spin-off from the big music festival in Austin, Texas. They were talking about how the WWE is building social media into the shows and the product. This was a tech and business crowd, not necessarily fans, and the general consensus was that the WWE is far ahead of just about every media corporation in this area. Cena was a big hit - even quoting a Shakesperian sonnet to promote Wrestlemania.

Here's a link to the story I wrote for the Austin Chronicle: http://www.austinchronicle.com/blogs/sxsw/2013-03-09/sxsw-the-champ-is-here/

I also chatted to WWE digital media EVP Perkins Miller, former digital EVP Jason Hoch, and Khris Loux, CEO of their digital partners Echo, before the event: