Daniel bryan
Daniel Bryan
Bryan Lloyd Danielson
  • Birthdate: 05/22/1981 (age 35)
  • Height: 5'10"
  • Weight: 210 Ib

In WWE, Danielson is a four-time world champion...

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-- From Nick R. on watching on the WWE Network and how WWE sends out updates - I was about 20 minutes behind watching the show Sunday night. While I was still 2 matches before the Bryan segment, WWE pushed a message to my phone that actually started with the words Brie Bella quits. Then just as the Cena match was starting, I got another message starting with Cena beat Bray Wyatt. It completely ruined the match for me since I was watching knowing that the finish was going to suck. I could understand sending out messages like that after the PPV completed or if you really want to send it immediately at least make it so that the first sentence doesn't spoil the match for the people that are only a few minutes behind. They know a lot of people are time shifting, they made it a huge feature of the network. Just spoiled a march I would have enjoyed up until the end.

-- Alberto Del Rio became the first person to officially qualify for the WWE Money In The Bank ladder match this year. Del Rio advanced to the match, which as noted may be for a the WWE World Heavyweight Championship depending on Daniel Bryan's status, by defeating Dolph Ziggler at Monday's RAW.

-- The following is a video of the segment from RAW where Stephanie McMahon makes an announcement regarding the status of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, Daniel Bryan and the Money In The Bank main event.