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Pre-Show Notes: The live crowd is HUGE. There is a line around the building for the show....There will be a pre-show before the Reunion event...Backstage are Homicide, Ruckus, Jeez, The Maximos, DJ Hyde, Matt Tremont and Rory Mondo. Some will be working the show. Some are visiting....They are using CZW's ring and production team for the event....They are selling several different t-shirt designs....

Pre-Show Notes #2: The show is officially sold out with 2,100 fans here.....There are lots of "ECW" chants in the crowd.....There are multiple cameras filming, including a crane camera, a hard camera and several handhelds...They are also filming with several flip cams...UWF's Larry Legend is helping out backstage....The start of the show is being delayed as the PA Athletic Commission doctor was delayed in arriving at the venue.

The show opened with a video tribute to former ECW stars who have passed away, ending with Paul Heyman's speech after Louie Spicoli died, saying that "if you are part of the family of ECW, whether you are with us or not, you are I assure you, for life." I was told this was something a fan made in honor of the wrestlers who passed so they decided to play it. The crowd popped HUGE for most of the names. No Chris Benoit mention.

They played the old ECW opening, followed by a backstage promo with Shane Douglas. Both had no audio so the crowd chanted, "Bullsh**." The crowd then entertained themselves chanting, "Yes!" Production turned everything off.

Bob Artese came to the ring and asked who wants some autographed hats. He tossed them out. He introduced Larry Legend.

Ruckus & Blk Jeez vs. The Dramatics.

This is a dark match to test all the cameras and production.

Dramatics are a masked team billed from Puerto Rico. Looks like the Maximos to me. The larger one went back and forth with Jeez and was sent out of the ring. Jeez hit a tope con hilo over the top to the floor. Ruckus then hit a dive. Back in the ring, he went for a handspring elbow but was taken out by the larger Dramatic.

The Dramatics tagged in and out working over Ruckus. Jeez hit the ring to help but was taken out. The Dramatics whipped Ruckus into the corner and nailed a double big boot then cannonball in the corner. Ruckus and Jeez turned the tide with double team maneuvers. They worked over one of the Dramatics in their corner, choking him.

Ruckus nailed the Razzle Dazzle in the corner on the smaller Dramatic. They did the Backseat Boyz' T Gimmick for a two count. Ruckus went for a moonsault but the Dramatic put his foot up. He made the hot tag to the other Maximo,er Dramatic.

The new Dramatic cleaned house on his opponents. He nailed a back suplex with a bridge on Ruckus. Jeez drilled him with a double stomp. They nailed the Hart Attack on him, then turned him over into a Boston Crab. Jeez dropped a big legdrop on him for a two count.

They went to work over the Dramatics in the corner but Ruckus was shoved off the ropes to the floor. The Dramatics hit the Spanish Fly off the top. The crowd chanted ECW. Jeez broke up the pinfall. Ruckus nailed a moonsault into a legdrop but missed and was covered.

Your winners, the Dramatics!

Solid, fun match.

Cordova vs. Bu Ku Dao

I have no idea idea who these guys are. The crowd chanted, "F*** you both." Dao, who was billed from Asia, began doing mic work. He introduced Luke Hawx, who called out Shane Douglas, calling him out. They've been doing some viral videos of Hawx calling out Douglas and crapping on the reunion. The crowd chanted for New Jack and he said whoever came out, he would beat the sh** out of them.

Cordova attacked him and Hawx left the ring, then kept calling Douglas out, saying he wanted Shane to come out and face him. The crowd booed Cordova when he was left in the ring and they booed him terribly and chanted, "No! No! No!"

Crowd didn't seem to know what to make of all this.

Bob Artese introduced Robby Mireno. Mireno said it was an honor to have the spot that Joey Styles made famous, being the play by play man for Extreme Reunion. The fans chanted "Joey Styles." Mireno said Styles was the best announcer of all time and it was an honor. Joel Gertner came out and said it was an absolute honor for him to introduce....and he went into his patented spiel. Gertner got a monster pop and the crowd...