Partial Source: Pwinsider

-- WWE's stock is continuing to drop. The stock went down to $7.77 per share, a new 52-week low, before rising a bit to $7.83, which is down 1.6% from Wednesday's close. The overall market was 0.5% down. WWE's all-time low is $7.43, which was reached on April 10th, 2003.

-- Matt Hardy and Scott Steiner are set for a Mid- Atlantic Championship Wrestling show on Friday night in Boone, North Carolina. The Rock-N-Roll Express and The Barbarian are also set to appear at the show, which will be at the Watauga High School.

-- Mick Foley's comedy tour will stop in Clifton Heights, Pennsylvania tonight. The showtime is 9:00 PM EST; tickets are $10 with a $15 VIP meet and greet.

-- Jerry Lawler recently spoke with The Roman Show before a premiere of the film Girls Gone Dead. Lawler, who plays a sheriff in the film, discussed the differences between acting and being in the ring, noting that there are no "redos" in WWE.

"In the movies you get to do it over if you screw up, in the WWE you don't," he said.

He also talked about the hype around WrestleMania 28, noting, "The enthusiasm and the excitement takes over the city." Check out the full interview below: