Partial Source: The Wrestling Observer

While TNA is getting a new day this week, the show has not yet been renewed by Spike TV and talks are ongoing. The move was made, as previously reported, in order to avoid competition from the NFL as well as potentially SmackDown if SyFy moves it. The NFL Thursday games on CBS start on September 11th, which means that is three episodes of iMPACT! that would have potentially been affected by the competition.

It has been noted that there is a distinct lack of hype for October 12ths Bound for Glory, with no mention of the event on TV lately (including little to no attention during the New York City tapings). Many employees have no idea of the plans or details for Bound for Glory. Of course, there are tapings set for iMPACT! that would take them past the current contract, so that is seen as a good sign.