Victoria wwe
Lisa Marie Sole
  • Birthdate: 02/10/1971 (age 45)
  • Height: 5'7"
  • Weight: 155 Ib

Lisa Marie Varon[2] (née Sole; born February 10...

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In an interview with the WNS Podcast, Lisa Marie Varon (Victoria in WWE, Tara in TNA) spoke about the differences between WWE and TNA and if she's going back to WWE. Here are highlights:

On making appearances at conventions: "It's a lot of fun. Absolutely. That's basically what I do. I have a restaurant here in Chicago and I'm here every single night. So, it's basically a fanfest every night anyway. I'm taking pictures, signing autographs and talking about what I love. Watching what I love and making new friends in my city. So, I'm super blessed at this point in my life right now. All those bumps and bruises in the past are really paying off. I really love doing these autograph sessions. I go way over and beyond. I don't want anybody to have bad experience. I like every fan or follower to have a unique experience meeting me. I absolutely love them. It's also a reunion for me to see some old friends at these conventions. You try to make it a little bit of a vacation just to like have dinner with old buddies and catch up and find out what they're doing in their life."

On opening her own restaurant in Chicago: "It's going well. This is our third restaurant. We had two more and we had a custom car shop and when we first got married we had a gym so we're not foreign to owning our own businesses. My husband's very stubborn and cannot work for anybody else and he's been a chef since he was about 15 or 16. He's always been with food. It's awesome. Our menu, if you go to, and look at our menu it's very unusual items. I named a few things after wrestlers and we do stuffed burgers and pizza and pizza made with duck fat. We have adult milkshakes. We do very well. We're both workaholics. I'm the front of the house and he's the back of the house and it works out very well."

On the upcoming Sweet And Sour Larry Sweeney Night: "We've had Ring Of Honor donating some gifts to auction off and all proceeds go to a suicide prevention organization. So, we're excited to be a part of it because his friend Karen, actually she's here because it's indy night so she lives in Chicago, brought it to us and we jumped on it and we reached out and said we definitely would love to be part of it. It's pretty sad. In wrestling, you're supposed to be this tough person with no family problems, you don't really air out your dirty laundry so you kind of bottle it up a lot and it's important for people to know they can reach out and have someone to talk to if they're under such bad times. I feel very lucky since I've got a lot of followers and very social media, I'm able to get the word out moreso then what Karen can do. Everybody should take a part in this. It's not all about making money it's giving back to charity and making people aware. We had an event where Jay Lethal and Roderick Strong came in as guest waiters and we gave the proceeds to Mick Foley's charity. It's a good thing."

On what it was like to be part of an elite roster of female wrestlers such as the WWE had: "It was quite an honor. At the time, we were very confident in our work but we were perfectionists and before every house show and before every TV, we were in the ring for 4hrs working with Fit Finlay, working with Arn Anderson, and Ricky Steamboat in the ring to try and better ourselves. We didn't have to do it we just did it. We knew our division was growing and growing and getting more difficult and we wanted the viewers to respect us not just as female wrestlers but just as wrestlers period and when I look back, when I watch it here at the restaurant because we have the Network and when I watch some old matches and I remember afterwards, in my mind at the time I'd be like "that was an okay match". And when I watch it now it's like "That was a really good match!". I beat myself up for two weeks after that match. We were such perfectionists. If one thing went wrong or if something didn't look believable we'd dwell on it for a long, long time."

On intergender matches: "When we were doing those in the past, I was all for it. I mean working with a guy is so much easier than working with a girl because they're so strong and they put you in moves that you didn't know you could put...