-- John Morrison is set to appear for Christian Rosenberg's "Cut My Promo" show this weekend in Hollywood, California. The show is a comedy show and will see Morrison sharing stories about being with WWE while improv comedy guys attempt to show that they they have what it takes to be known as the 'superstar of tomorrow'. Tickets are $5; you can pre-order them here.

-- Robert Griffin III, the 2011 Heisman Trophy winner, spoke with fellow Washington Redskins player Adam Carriker in an interview about growing up as a wrestling fan and more. Check out the highlights:

On what he watched in the 1990s: "I watched a little bit of WCW and WWF, at the time. I was a huge Goldberg fan when he had that long winning streak, which I think was ended by Kevin Nash when he was fighting for the title. I was a huge fan of Shawn Michaels, Stone Cold Steve Austin. One of my earliest memories was [Michaels] beating The Rock early in his career, and then Shawn Michaels got beat by Stone Cold, which kind of ended the first part of his career, with that Stone Cold Stunner."

On his all-time favorite: "My favorite wrestler of all time is definitely Goldberg, with Shawn Michaels being a close second. The Spear, the Jackhammer, those are two moves that no one could replicate the way that he did ‘em. It was exciting to watch."

On who among the Redskins could make it as a wrestler: "I think Kerrigan could probably make it in the WWE. Maybe London Fletcher. It definitely takes a hard-nosed guy that's pretty strong. If you're looking for a big guy I think Chris Baker could definitely be a Rikishi- type guy."

On what his ring persona would be like: "I definitely wouldn't be wearing tighty whiteys or any of the tight clothes that some of those guys wear. But I think I would be a high flyer, just because I always enjoyed watching the high-fly guys, the Rey Mysterio s, the Jeff Hardys, all those guys that are jumping off ladders, putting people through tables and things like that. So I'd definitely have to be that guy, even though a lot of those guys don't last for a long time because they're constantly putting their bodies through a lot of pain."