Hell In A Cell News – Announce Team + Punk/Ryback Finish


— Providing that there are no travel issues due to Hurricane Sandy hitting the east coast, JBL, Jim Ross and Michael Cole, as a three-man team, are the scheduled announce team for Hell in a Cell tomorrow. If you’re on the east coast, PLEASE be safe as this looks like an absolute monster of a storm. We’re hoping we don’t lose power here in the office. We’ll keep you posted as we get closer to the storm making landfall.

— WWE continues to go back and forth over the finish of tomorrow’s main event between CM Punk and Ryback. John Cena is ready to go so it’s very possible he’ll be involved.

Marty Jannetty recently spoke about his ankles being shot from 20 years of dropping off the top rope to the floor, and he noted WWE is still making money off his matches. He complained that WWE will take care of Tammy Sytch after going to jail but won’t help him, and then asked if he had to get messed up on pain medication before he can get help. He then ripped on Shawn Michaels and Dawn Marie, saying Dawn Marie releasing that his ankles were shot cost him bookings.

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