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Hulk Hogan
Terry Gene Bollea
  • Birthdate: 08/11/1953 (age 63)
  • Height: 6'7"
  • Weight: 302 Ib

Hogan enjoyed mainstream popularity in the 1980...

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...of pressure. He said last year he didn't have a match and only had a small spot on the show with Jeff Jarrett after spending ten days in jail. He said it's not going to be easy and he feels a ton of pressure and he hopes he can keep up.

-Hardy was asked if he has anything special in mind as far as his face paint and look for Sunday. He said he has something in mind for underneath the eyelids and it will be memorable if it looks the way it does in his mind.

Here is a more detailed report of Hulk Hogan on the Howard Stern Show earlier this morning:

Credit: Efren Bojorquez and prowrestling.net

Howard brings Hulk on (known as Hollywood Hulk, Hogan, etc). NWO music played as Stern plugged Bound For Glory on Sunday. He said he has never been hotter than right now. Hogan yells, "I'm in the safe zone, now!" Hogan says he felt like he was in the shrink's office with the couch.

Hulk said he is on ViS2alus and showed his stomach off to Howard, who said he is ripped. Hogan said not to say anything because he is not supposed to show his body until November 3. "We've seen all of you." Howard said. A good laugh. Hogan plugged Visalus as a pyramid thing. Howard asked if he is on the juice and Hogan said no. He said he is 59 years old and was 340 when he was on steroids.

After talking about his hip replacement, Howard got right to it. Hogan started with a random comedy routine about him doing laundry forever for a person. This person hated the way Hulk does his laundry. Hulk's buddy said after he is down and out and goes to his friend's house and his friend said, "Hey bro, you can do my laundry." And Hogan said sure. Oye.

Onto the sex tape. Howard played a clip of Hogan last time on the show saying he would never break the "man code" saying he would never mess with another guy's wife. What happened, Howard asks? Hogan said he was in protection mode. Hulk explained that he and Bubba are still very good friends and there is civil and criminal proceedings about to happen, as its illegal in Florida to record sexually explicit content without consent. Robin asked if he knew there was a camera. Hulk swore he didn't know. He isn't pointing figures at anyone, but has a gut instinct of who did it, but it could have been anybody.

Howard said Bubba told him there are two people he would offer his wife to: Him or Hogan. Hogan said he is devastated as his life is back together and got remarried. He said the tape is over six years old and questioned what the motivation is.

Gary from the Howard Stern Show said that Radar has reported that Hulk has prepped his family for a possible second sex tape. Hulk said he hasn't heard about it, but there could be a second one. He has prepped his kids for things that are about to happen. He didn't do anything by accident...it was a conscious decision, but it was a "woe is me" thing.

Howard asked if people are looking at Hogan as a god now. He asked if he thinks he comes off bad. Hogan said he has seen 15 seconds of the tape and it made him so sick to his chest he thought he was going to have a heart attack. Howard said he has never been bigger because everyone is talking about it. Howard thinks its so cool that he answered the phone during the video, saying no girl will get the better of him. Hulk said he answered because he thought it was a family member.

Hulk has talked to his attorney (David Houston) and people are telling him that he is getting a thumbs up from everyone. Hulk said he is trying to get back on track with his life now that he is remarried. Hulk first heard that there was a possible sex tape six months ago. Hogan swore to God he didn't know there was a camera. Howard offered three theories: Bubba gets off on it, Bubba and Heather were in on it, or all three were in cahoots. Hulk asked why he would wait six years?

Hulk said he doesn't want to sound like a pompous ass, but the situation he was in he didn't want to be overly aggressive because it was his friend's girl. He wanted to be cool. Robin said Hulk was trying to be polite and he agreed with that statement. He said when his opponents